About Me:

My name is Rebecca and I am a film and digital photographer.  I have photographed brides, business owners, high school students, and families.  I live in California with my husband, three homeschooled kids, my dog, and two cats.  I love the beach, iced coffee, and the way the light turns pink at the end of the day.  My favorite camera is a Contax 645.  

(Photo by Audrey, age 14)

Why I Am Teaching This Class:

My first camera was a blue Kodak Fischer-Price that took 110 cassette film.  I loved that camera, complete with its break-away neck strap, desperately.  However, I can also remember how frustrating it was to take pictures.  When I got my film developed the images never seemed to match what I saw through the viewfinder, or what I had imagined in my head. 

I took both high school and college photography classes but could never find an easy path to the information I craved.  While one instructor could talk about formulas for exposures, he was unwilling to discuss what made some photos feel magical.  Another teacher was happy to show inspiring images, but she couldn't articulate how a student could systematically improve their own work. 

It wasn't until I was much older that I was able to combine photography fundamentals with my own creative voice.  How I wish I had been able to do this earlier!  I would love to be able to look back at photos I took as a teen and be able to see my personal vision.  While I cannot change my own path it is my mission to empower teens to tell their stories through photography.

(Photo by Daniel Boxwell)

Why Now:

The internet, digital cameras, and camera phones have broken open the possibilities of photography. Young adults are consuming more photos on social media, and taking more photos of their lives, than ever before. However, it can still be difficult to find a photography mentor that will take a teen seriously.  I am teaching this class to give teens direct access to a photographer that can guide them in developing their unique creative voice.  I want all teens to experience the power of photography in their lives.

I know that taking great photos is a skill anyone can learn - like driving a car or cooking a great lasagna.  With just a little bit of training, anyone can unlock the power of telling their story effectively in images. I believe the most important technical skills are those that allow you to produce the image you imagined.

(Photography is also a great way to fulfill a visual arts elective that is both inspirational and practical.)  



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